Three days of magical mayhem at a lakeside lodge in Mishipeshu Province

A celebration of the season with your wizard pals


You’ll play students and faculty of New World Magischola, embarking on the annual Yuletide Retreat, a trip to a remote Manor in Mishipeshu, on the shores of a glacial lake at the center of the Mermaid Conflict. This year, there are more problems on site. Can students and guests solve the mysteries, and survive the weekend? Is there enough cocoa, s’mores, feasting and dancing to keep everyone occupied?

You will live out your dreams of being a wizard attending a magical school, on a school field trip or “study abroad” program. You’ll be assigned a character, get a robe to use and a tie to keep, and interact with amazing people from around the globe while you take classes, solve magical dilemmas, make friends and learn about yourself and the world through storytelling. It’s a transformative experience you will never forget. Now with winter weather, Yule Decorations, and feasting and dancing!