Maury BrownMaury Elizabeth Brown

Lead Organizer ·
Maury Brown is co-lead organizer for New World Magischola. She has been involved with roleplaying games for 25 years as a writer, player, storyteller, and organizer. Her passion is creativity and agency in design, and caring for players’ experience. Chaotic Neutral. Cat lover. Geek. Feminist.


Ben "Books" SchwarzBen “Books” Schwartz

Magischola Prep Director ·
Books has been writing and running larps for over a decade, and aren’t remotely bored of it yet. After learning their craft at the Wayfinder Experience, they spent four years as the Artisan Guild Coordinator for Trackers Earth, designing and running educational larp summer camps. After years of being typecast as the head of wizard schools of all kinds, it seems inevitable that they’d wind up running one as their job.


Claire WilshireClaire Wilshire

NPC Director
Claire is our NPC Director and a back-end coordinator for Learn Larp. She has been a roleplaying organizer and enthusiast for over a decade and a half. As both a successful business owner of her own larp company and an award-winning thespian, she brings a bright passion and enthusiasm for crafting unique experiences for players to the table.


Thomas MertzThomas Mertz

Web Developer ·
Thomas Mertz is a veteran larper with more than 20 years experience under his belt, and a player of the original College of Wizardry larp. When he’s not being a badass wizard he builds websites big and small.