January 3-5, 2020

Three days of magical mayhem at a lakeside lodge in Mishipeshu Province

Punderson Manor  |    Newbury, OH
(about 40 mins from Cleveland)

Reserve your spot today with a $100 deposit.

Backstory Overview

Following the sale of the former Hayes property last year, Punderson Manor has been reopened as a historic hotel and retreat for the Magimundi. It is an incredibly popular venue and has been fully booked nearly every weekend since its debut. Punderson Manor is THE place to hold your event, whether it’s a family or class reunion, a wedding or rite of passage, an academic or corporate retreat or convention, or a gathering on neutral ground for some thorny political discussions. Mages and wizards love the magical confluences at the site, with the connections to the Great Lakes mermaid stirpes as well as adjacent Miroven regencies. 

Event Premise

The Concierge of the hotel, Emery Hollis, has a plan for handling the venue’s popularity. Hollis considers themselves quite the expert in time magic, and they believe that it will be a simple thing to book multiple Magimundi events on the same dates with just a bit of time magic manipulation. The same space can, of course, be used simultaneously by multiple groups, as long as they aren’t in the same timeline at the same coordinates at the precise moment. 

It’s a matter of … logistics and scheduling. 

And time anchors, and some manipulation of magic, and some hand-waving. No problem for a master time mage like Hollis. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Hollis’s plan is a boon for everyone though, as the Manor can now be booked for multiple magical events at the same time! It’s a win-win situation if you ask the right individuals. Investors in the property rousingly approve!

The surrounding leylines and time magic fields, however, are starting to become unstable. Things at some events have been rumored to have gone awry. 

Minor things, really. 

  • Creatures that don’t belong in the woods around Punderson appearing. 
  • Events ending before they started. 
  • Individuals missing events because they can’t seem to arrive on time. 
  • Individuals getting married before they were born or after their death. 
  • Figures from the past and future appearing unexpectedly at events. 
  • Clocks showing inaccurate (or contradictory) times no matter how finely they are tuned. 

Everything is Fine

Members of the Magimundi are accustomed to a bit of time flux happening, especially around older, heavily-used magical locations. Though at present, or at least the best approximation of the present as can be found at the Punderson Manor these days, everything is fine (mostly). Everyone must do their best to play nice and try not to get in each others’ way if they all want to use the venue simultaneously. 

This weekend, the Bureau of Temporal Continuity has stepped in to do some advanced monitoring. Though it seems that they might have their hands full with this one.* 

Come join us at Simultaneity, a place where everything is precisely on schedule. Somewhere.

**Don’t worry, participants in the event will be the only ones on site this weekend. The magical mayhem is completely in-game. We won’t even be dealing with mundane Santa this weekend.

What’s going on?

Punderson Manor is playing host to the following Magimundi Events this weekend (plus some others, perhaps, if players want to create sub-groups and plots):

  • New World Magischola Winter Retreat
  • Imperial Magischola Winter Retreat
  • Magimundi Association of Cryptozoologists Annual Meeting
  • High-ranking officials from several loup-garou lodges planning their upcoming Grand Moot
  • A group of Marshals meeting to deal with the rising threat of Shackleford Stinson & his packs.
  • What else?

What YOU can play

  • Any legacy character you have played before, at any point in time in their lives. You just need to get a small group together to plan an event or create a point in a timeline.
  • A current NWM student or faculty member
  • A current Imperial student or faculty member
  • A currently employed Magimundi Marshal or cryptozoologist
  • Members of loup-garou lodges across the Magimundi
  • Members of the Bureau of Temporal Continuity or Separation & Secrecy attempting to control this grand idea.

What will the event look like?

Various groups will be scheduled in various lodge rooms for their events, beginning Friday night.

The event will culminate with a Grand Ball, in which all timelines and groups must occupy the same space for several hours and stabilize magical sources and timelines.

** The Bureau of Temporal Continuity cannot be responsible for those who may become trapped in other timelines or lost to the past or future.


You can reserve a spot at Simultaneity with a $100 deposit. A base ticket for this 3-day experience is $435, which includes all meals from Friday evening to Sunday breakfast, as well as the theatrical production. This is a 10% price increase over previous years’ events at Punderson. We have not raised the event price for our Winter event since 2016, and we are sensitive to rising prices for our participants. Punderson is now managed by a new company, and certain rental fees have increased.

In addition, it is our goal to compensate our staff for their time and expertise as event producers and organizers. The $40 per ticket will be used to pay salaries and travel expenses for our event staff: Maury, Ben, Peter, Hallie, Nancy, Tall Kat, Ashley, Fox, Che, and Jeff. If you have looked at pricing for other 3-day theatrical events by other companies, you will notice that they are as much as 100% more than our price. We are working hard to keep our prices affordable and still be able to offer you the quality experience while continuing to compensate our staff and stay in business.

If you cannot afford the 10% price increase, we are happy to sell you a reduced-price ticket at the previous price of $395. Just indicate that on your ticket deposit and we will adjust your final invoice. No questions asked and no qualifications; if you need it to attend, you need it. We’re glad you’re here. That said, if you’d like to be a benefactor, you can elect to pay someone else’s $40 (or a portion thereof) on your ticket. All full-price ticket invoices will include the option to tip, so you can help make the event affordable for someone else or help LL pay for legal expenses and create more great games.

Housing at Punderson

Base tickets do not include housing, but we have negotiated reduced room rates and are passing the savings — and the flexibility — on to you. You and your friends can decide how many people to put into a room.

Rooms at the manor have two double beds, and some contain a set of built-in bunks. These rooms are $99/night plus tax and a $3 beautification fee. By contract, all rooms in the manor must be filled for the event. After rooms in the manor are filled, there are also cabins available adjacent to the manor. These have a queen bed in one room, sets of bunks in the other room, and a living room and kitchen. They rent for $199/night plus tax and $3 beautification fee.

To reserve a manor room or cabin, call the mansion directly at (440) 564-9144.

VIP Rooms

Up the spiral staircase, you will find the manor’s original rooms, down a reportedly haunted hallway. These 7 estate rooms have antique furniture, poster beds, and privacy. There are two with King beds, two with Queen beds, and two with Double beds.

The final room is the luxurious Windsor Suite, containing a King bed, a living area, and a multi-person jacuzzi.

These VIP rooms come with a special welcome package from Emery Hollis, and are available in two-ticket packages directly from our store:

  • Estate Room Double: $1,275. Includes two tickets, all meals, experience, and two nights’ premium lodging, and a personalized welcome package.
  • Estate Room Queen: $1,300. Includes two tickets, all meals, experience, and two nights’ premium lodging, and a personalized welcome package.
  • Estate Room King: $1,325.  Includes two tickets, all meals, experience, and two nights’ premium lodging, and a personalized welcome package.
  • Windsor Suite: $1,500. Includes two tickets, all meals, experience, and two nights’ premium lodging, and a personalized welcome package.

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