Is there a code of conduct?

Yes.  Please review our Code of Conduct.

How will you handle harassment?

Like Comic Con, Gen Con, and others, NWM does not tolerate any harassment of any kind. Harassment is part of our Code of Conduct. Players are expected to abide by the conduct standard during the game, and in off-game situations. Those who violate the Code of Conduct will receive a sanction that may range from a verbal warning to expulsion from the event, at the organizers’ discretion, as is the case with most major conventions.


Will there be photography or filming of the event?

We will have a professional photographer on site at the event. We then release the edited photo collection for our players to view and to share with your friends and family. We may have a videographer on site during the event as well. We use this footage for our marketing materials and website. Players will be asked to sign a photography release form.


Can I vlog or make my own documentation during the event?

You have permission to film yourself, and others that consent to participating in your documentation, with the understanding that it will be done so in a way that’s not disruptive to others’ experience. You may not record film or take photographs during any part of the event where you may accidentally photograph or film unwilling individuals — such as in classrooms during class, or during our graduation or house drafting ceremonies. You may take photos or record film in your room if your roommate is ok with it. Always check with everyone that may be involved with the film or pictures if they agree to be included.