Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay

The Wizard College for the Magimundi Elite

Are you one of the Eligeri, those destined to lead the magical world?

Come find out at the annual Imperial Convocation

September 10-13, 2020 at Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh, PA.

The Backstory:

Every year, before the start of the first term, Imperial Magischola holds Convocation: a weekend where the elite of the elite gather to learn, plan, and prepare. The ancient magics are strong during this time, and bold decisions are made using arcane powers that will last the entire year. What takes place at Convocation is kept secret from outsiders by the powerful Ritual of Silence.

Choices made at the Convocation determine the fate of Imperial, and Imperial determines the fate of the Magimundi.

Last year’s Convocation was marked by debate about changes shaking Destiny Province: the appointment of Montana Styles as the first Mundane-born Archjustice, and the backlash against him and his policies from Destiny’s elite Unsoiled families. Accustomed to power and unchecked privilege, these elites see Styles’ rise as their loss.

Amongst the voices objecting to change and fomenting dissent, one emerged to the forefront. It belonged to a shadowy figure known as Mr. Cynde, whose eloquently written propaganda found allies among the student body and faculty. It became clear that Mr. Cynde had highly-placed allies, and that he was manipulating events at the Convocation to his own benefit. The words “Unsoiled First” were spoken more and more often – as was the word “resistance.” A few people began to investigate – and got too close. A professor and a Praestante (the school’s term for a member of the Imperial Board of Directors) were murdered and a student poisoned. 

And the ritual of silence itself was disrupted such that it would suppress all memory of what had happened at this Convocation. 

As the seconds ticked down before memories disappeared, Cynde revealed himself to be the charismatic Professor Aremis Winborne.

Nobody who attended Imperial Convocation can remember what happened during those three days — except for Mr. Cynde. He has graciously taken the burden of controlling the narrative for the ensuing year.  

Those who were at Convocation 2019 know that time has passed: some find new scars on their bodies; others discover new objects in their possession. They trust some of their classmates more than they did before – and some, they trust less. They have found new loves and new hatreds, new friendships and new enmities. Their hearts can remember, even if their minds cannot.

In the ensuing year, Aremis Winborne has become the darling of the Magimundi. His poetry collection is a best-seller, and he is giving readings throughout the Provinces. His newest work of art, a simultaneous ritual theatrical performance, is much awaited and will premiere on the Saturday of Convocation, uniting magic users in solidarity and harmony through self-expression and combined energies and emotions.

Winborne is easily the most popular professor Imperial has seen in decades, his presence and patrons are bringing in dollars and influence like that of the great artists of the Renaissance. He’s a kind figure, avuncular, fraternal, brilliant, who has taken a keen interest in mentoring Imperial Students from the Convocation, both Mr. Cynde’s supporters and his sworn enemies. 

Meanwhile, whispers in the shadows grow. Activists are either doubling down and facing retaliation or learning how to be quiet. Mundane-born Wizard Montana Styles may be Destiny’s Archjustice, but the heads of most Magimundi agencies are Cynde sympathizers. 

Despite pressure and even threats from alumni and powerful underground forces, Imperial Headmistress Cardon has taken an increasingly overt stance against the rise of elitism and fascism as tensions escalated during the school year. She regularly speaks against extremism as a measure too far and has severely punished students who have been bold enough to break the school’s rules and traditions openly. Carefully positioning herself as a champion of the school’s values of self-discipline and decorum, she has fended off objections by wealthy donors and the Praestantes, Imperial’s governing board. Due to this stance, a whisper campaign concerning Cardon’s true allegiances is spreading, accusing her of being a traitor to “true” values of the school. 

Due to Cardon’s tireless efforts to repel the open and covert machinations of those seeking to twist Imperial’s mission and culture toward extremism, she has gathered a great deal of circumstantial evidence about the Unsoiled First movement’s origins and seats of power. Reviewing this information and wisps of shadows throughout the school, the Headmistress believes that someone, somehow, is manipulating her and every person of potential influence associated with the school, and that manipulator is concealed by very powerful magic. She, alone, has prepared for the upcoming Convocation 2020, which she believes will be her time to confront the source of the rot in the hearts of her students, whatever the true cause may be.

This year at Convocation, you don’t know what you know. Everything appears to be manipulation, lies. Marginalized voices are shouting, but they are drowning in the tempest. What will you do in this rising storm? You have magical gifts; what will you use them for? Is standing up for your beliefs and your friends worth losing … everything? This could end in destruction. Will there be enough left to rebuild in the end? 

You decide.

This is year two of a three-year plot arc. This year’s stories focus on alliances and allegiances, finding where you stand and making preparations for the battle ahead (year 3). If you want to join an underground rebellion, or the dark forces gaining power, then this interactive theatrical experience is for you. Limited spots available. Reserve yours with a $200 deposit.