If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


June 21-24, 2018: NWM 9

June 28-July 1, 2018: NWM 10

Participants may check-in between noon and 2:00 pm on the Thursday of their week. Check out is at noon on Sunday. The game starts at 8 p.m. on Thursday evening and runs through Saturday night. Sunday morning is for wrap-up and debriefs.


Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Mount Holyoke is one of the Seven Sisters, a leader in women’s education in the US.

We will be spending most of our time in four buildings. Dormitory accommodations, House Common Rooms, and social space will in MacGregor Hall and Ham Hall, which are adjacent buildings with a shared courtyard. Classes and some club meetings will be in Ciruti Hall. Meals are in the Dining Commons in the Community Center, and the dance will be in the Community Center as well.

Formal ceremonies like Convocation, Sorting, and Graduation will be in Abbey Memorial Chapel.

All buildings except MacGregor and Ham close at midnight.

Outdoor spaces available for play are: the courtyard between MacGregor and Ham, the hill behind the Willits-Hallowell Center, the Upper Lake, and Pageant Green. Mount Holyoke College is in a residential area, and we must abide by local noise ordinances, so outdoor activities will be restricted after 10PM.

Getting there

More information about how to get to campus is available here, on the Mount Holyoke College website.

The closest international airport is Bradley International Airport (BDL), just north of Hartford CT, about 45 minutes away. Boston’s Logan Airport (BOS) is about 2 hours away.

Parking is available for free on the campus in lots within accessible walking distance to all buildings.  There is a large lot right next to Macgregor Hall. See this map for other visitor lots.

Check-in procedure

Check-in will be in the lobby of MacGregor Hall starting at 12 noon on Thursday. There, you will sign your waiver and receive your building access card, room key, robe, tie (if any), name badge, store pre-orders, etc. After that, you can drop off your luggage, set up your room, and meet up with your friends.


Each session of New World Magischola is open to up to 200 participants, ages 18+. The experience is conducted in English.


Players will be housed in MacGregor and Ham Hall.

All participants sleep in extra-long twin dormitory beds (twin XL), two students per room.

Each floor has one single-occupancy bathroom with a shower, and one shared-use bathroom with multiple stalls, sinks, and showers.

MacGregor and Ham Hall are not air-conditioned, but you may bring fans.

Roommate requests will be honored as much as is practical; otherwise, participants will be paired according to their preferences on the Rooming Survey. If you prefer a room to your own for any reason, you may purchase the single-room upgrade for $80.

Sheets, pillows, and towels do not come with the price of admission to NWM. You may bring your own linens, or rent a linens package for $25. Since the beds are twin XL, you may find that two flat sheets are easier than a fitted one.

All dorm rooms are by default off-game, meaning you are not in-character while in your dorm room. Common rooms and lounges are in-game at all times. If you would like to make your dorm room an in-character space, you may do so, but only with the active consent of your roommate. Since many of us have mundane medications and devices in our rooms, it is usually easier to keep them off-game.

You may decorate your room as you wish, but you cannot cover the windows or the sprinkler system. You may attach things to the walls with approved adhesive only (painter’s tape, tacky putty, 3M comfort strips).

No open flames are allowed in any buildings  at any time. LED candles are fine.

Since Mount Holyoke College is in a residential neighborhood, we must abide by local noise ordinances. We must be quiet outside after 10PM. Please be a good and respectful neighbor.


You’ll have three meals a day from dinner on Thursday evening to breakfast on Sunday morning. Feel free to bring extra snacks for between meals, but we will provide you with food.

All meals will be in the newly-renovated Dining Commons in the Community Center. Meals are buffet style, and the Dining Commons has options to accommodate all dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Allergens and other ingredients are clearly labeled on all dishes. If you have severe allergies or other dietary needs, you’ll get the chance to enter that on your Player Information form.

All meals will be out-of-character since we will be sharing the Dining Commons with other groups; also, some people need to eat out-of-character for reasons that wouldn’t make sense for their character.


This is an event set at Wizard College, complete with the college parties that come with it.

Alcohol is only allowed in the residence halls. Therefore, formal ceremonies and the dance will be dry events, and any club meeting that involves alcohol must be held in MacGregor Hall or Ham Hall. Please respect the site. Thank you!

Attendees under the age of 21 will have a sticker on their name badges. Please help us comply with Massachusetts law by not providing or purchasing alcohol for those who are not of the legal age to drink in the United States.

Other than the above restrictions, it is up to you to choose whether, when, and how much to imbibe. We ask you to drink responsibly and to use a buddy system to ensure everyone is accounted for and safe. If you notice someone who is disorderly from drinking, please report it to an Organizer, who will assist.

Since alcohol at an event does correlate with an uptick in undesirable behaviors, such as harassment, we ask all players to be circumspect with their own behavior and to hold other players accountable for their remarks and actions. Our commitment to Community Safety and Inclusivity is something that is maintained by everyone.

If you do not drink and are uncomfortable around drinking, there will be designated alcohol-free spaces at the larp after-party on Saturday night. We are also considering a club for non-drinkers for in-game and off-game solidarity.


All of the buildings we will be using are fully wheelchair accessible. Multi-floor buildings (MacGregor Hall, Ham Hall, Ciruti Hall, the Student Center) have elevators inside and ramp access from outside, and there are wheelchair accessible bathrooms on every floor.

Every building has all-gender bathrooms.

There are parking lots with designated disabled-access spots near all of the buildings that we will be using.

There are Braille labels on all residence hall rooms, and Braille and raised-print labels on all elevators, restrooms, and classrooms.

Ciruti Hall and the Student Center are air conditioned.

Abbey Chapel, Ham Hall, and MacGregor Hall are not air conditioned.

MacGregor Hall and Ham Hall are right next to each other; Ciruti and the Student Center are a 5-minute walk from the dorms. Abbey Chapel is a 10-minute walk from the dorms. The campus is almost entirely flat, with wide walking paths and ramps on curbs and at entrances.

Some experiences will be conducted in low-light settings. The campus is lit with streetlights and there are emergency “blue light” call boxes at intervals throughout. We suggest you bring a lantern, headlamp, light-up wand, or other flashlight devices if you intend to be in the woods after dark.


You cannot bring children to New World Magischola. We want your full focus on the game. (Certain exceptions for nursing mothers may be made on a case-by-case basis.)


See our Ticket pages.

What do I get for the price

  • Full room and board from noon on Thursday to noon on Sunday at the Mount Holyoke College. 
This includes 3 nights, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners and 2 lunches. Food is all-you-care-to-eat from the College Dining Facilities.
  • A school robe and tie to wear for the week; a wand to borrow if you don’t have one.
  • An NWM Alumni t-shirt to keep.
  • Supplies, props, special effects, set design to transform Mount Holyoke College into a Wizard School and create the five Houses of the school.
  • A written character with a background from the magical world.
  • Coaching and workshops to develop improvisation, communication, acting, choreography
  • A Wizard Ball with a DJ.
  • A cast and crew to design, create, and act with you in this immersive theatre experience.
  • The dream come true of going to Wizard School!


Please remember that workshops are mandatory to play in New World Magischola. If you are late arriving, we will hold make-up workshops to go over safety techniques and how to play before you step into game. Workshops are an integral part of the experience and help you establish relationships and bonds with other players and characters. They help you have an excellent time at NWM and to meet your character (and player) goals for the event. Please don’t shortchange your experience by discounting workshops!

Lost Key and Robe Fees

Mount Holyoke charges $15.00 for each lost room key and $15.00 for each lost building access card.

Prohibited Items

Please do not bring the following to NWM:

  • Flame candles (LED is fine)
  • Liquid ink in bottles
  • Loose glitter
  • Firearms or lookalikes
  • Knives or other bladed weapons (pocket knife in bag or pocket is ok)
  • Silly string
  • Fake blood (we will supply this if you need it)

Immersion, & Off-Game Items

Because we are trying to make the best magical immersive experience for everyone, we ask that you not use branded items or off-game items in in-game spaces. This would include cans of soda or bottles of another drink, mobile phones and laptops, etc.

We will have NWM stainless steel water bottles for sale for $10 in the School Store that you can fill with whatever liquid you prefer (hot or cold) and be in-game all the time!

Wi-Fi on Campus

There is free Wi-Fi on campus.

Photography & Videography

We will have one or more professional photographers and videographers at each event. Photos will be distributed free to NWM participants and each event will be well-documented, including school pictures of each student and ball portraits.

We ask that you do not photograph or video the event yourself. This violates other people’s privacy and is against our Conduct Guidelines. You may, of course, take photos and selfies in your dorm room. If you want to take a picture with someone else in these private spaces, ask first! Under no circumstances should anyone be taking photos or videos with hidden cameras of any kind.

Members of the media who attend NWM have received permission from the Organizers to photograph or take video, and they comply with guidelines about privacy and quality.

If you ever see one of our photographers approaching and you don’t want to be photographed, simply use the Lookdown sign (we will teach this in workshops) and the photographer will either not take your picture or we will not use that picture in the albums.