Students will wake up in their dorm rooms, maybe head to their House Common Room, and then off to a breakfast buffet. There they can sit at their House Tables and eat with other students and professors. Morning announcements will be made at the close of breakfast by the esteemed faculty.

Then the day’s classes will begin. You’ll be off to Alchemy, Magical Theory, Divination, Magical Defense, Magical Law, Magical Creature Care, Runic Magic, and more. You’ll earn points for your house, or maybe have them deducted as you learn to master the magical arts in hands-on lessons.

Lunch will be served after the first three classes of the day, again with your fellow students and faculty at their designated tables. More announcements will help you know what clubs are meeting, or where the house points stand.


You’ll take three more classes in the afternoon, and have a free period for study groups, athletics, relaxation, or to take an extra subject if you’re the type. You might find yourself in the Forbidden Forest or encountering magical creatures around the lake, where House Croatan turtles may be sunning themselves.

Students will attend a dinner buffet, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, meat positive, and all options in between. There’s pizza, hamburgers, panini sandwiches, a salad bar, and a prepared hot meal of choice. Oh, and a full dessert counter with cakes, pies, cookies, sweets, and ice cream. Coffee, tea, milk, soda, and energy drinks round out beverage choices.


In the evening, students can attend extracurricular activities such as clubs, secret society meetings, study groups, or explore the grounds. There may be adventures in the Forest to meet a chimera, a visit from an ambassador, any number of magical rituals and special lessons, or other student gatherings.

In the spirit of fun and freedom, you can essentially get away with skipping classes to pursue a particular plot or agenda of your own, but not without a certain degree of risk with regard to being penalized for absenteeism. House points matter!

At 1:00 am game is declared to have ended for the day so that participants can sleep. Play begins the next morning at 8 a.m.