Marshals develop the most detailed understanding of the institutional functioning of the Magimundi, and the necessary means to protect it from all its enemies, including advanced mind magic.

The Path of the Marshal (Marshal students do not allow it to be referred to as the Marshal Path) is perhaps the most arduous and prestigious path of scholarship (according to Marshals anyway!). More than merely law enforcement, experience as a Marshal is considered to be a requirement for eligibility as a Province Justice. Marshal students must learn to become formidable magical combatants in addition to having a deep working knowledge of the nuances of magical law. Marshals have a special responsibility to enforce the Edicts of Justices, resolve contractual disputes, capture criminals, escort criminals to Avernus, and be its province’s standing military.

Successfully graduating as an Accredited and Certified Wizard on the Marshal Path also does not necessarily mean that a student will actually be inducted into the Marshals. Membership usually requires some degree of patronage from a mentor. However there is no shortage of employment, with very lucrative Leeuwendaalder compensation, for a graduate with Marshal training. In addition to formidable magical combat prowess, Marshals specialize in mind magic, and should be consulted to determine whether a wizard’s mind has been invaded or altered, or to determine whether the allegation of possession or being under a curse is indeed accurate. There are strict rules that govern when and whether a Marshal can break into someone’s mind, but in the heat of a situation and a quest for answers, interrogation techniques may not always follow the law.

TYPES: Judge/Jury, Secret Agent, Sheriff, Political Activist, Well-Informed Criminal, Enforcer, Magical Lawyer