The Magimundi is highly organized and consists of five provinces: Destiny (Northeast US and Eastern Canada), Solaris (Southeast US, and Caribbean), Baja (Southwest US, Mexico and Central America), Thunderbird (Pacific Northwest US and Western Canada), and Mishipeshu (Midwest US and mid-Canada). Each of these Provinces is governed by a Justice; the five justices of each region together form The Council of Five, who serve as the highest court and governing body of the North American magical world. Justices appoint Magisters, who oversee North American Magical Agencies (such as the Magister of Metallurgy who oversees each province’s mines of magical ore) or the governing of a province itself (such as the General Magister of Solaris Province, who handles the day-to-day governing of the province on behalf of its Justice.) Magisters appoint ranks of other provincial officials, who are responsible for all official matters in the region. These officials are known as Alcalde in the Solaris and Baja regions, and Fonctionnaires in the other regions. The Alcalde and Fonctionnaires directly interface with the rest of the Magimundi.

Each of the five provinces of North America has a main wizard primary school. Students primarily attend the school in their home province, but sometimes students transfer to other schools. Each primary school is governed by that Province’s Bureau of Magical Education, and by various elected and appointed officials. Differences do exist among them in terms of curriculum, culture, and interpretation of magic.

There are also a few areas that operate independently of the Provinces. The cities in Alaska, and the northern areas of Canada are neighborly to the Thunderbird Province, and connected by commerce, but not under direct Provincial control.  Likewise, the further south into Central America, the less influence the Baja Province has over the lives of the magical communities there.  Perhaps most interestingly, is Virginia Isle, the floating island said to have been lifted into the air out of the sea by the magic of Virginia Dare herself, which is entirely autonomous to either the Solaris or Destiny Provinces.