Council of Five

  • Destiny Province: Arch Justice Herodotus Forsythe
  • Solaris Province: Arch Justice Archibald Snodgrass
  • Mishipeshu: Arch Justice Montgomery McBride
  • Baja: Arch Justice Luna Chavez
  • Thunderbird: Arch Justice Fidelia Windwalker

Noted Bureaus, Institutions and Edicts

Bureau of Alchemical Ingredients and Reagents Control: The Magischola bureau responsible for the analysis and control of magical ingredients and reagents. This bureau was designed to relieve some of the responsibilities of the Bureau of Metallurgy, Alchemy and Crystallography by taking over the duties of magical materials control. Whereas the latter bureau is mostly responsible for the commerce of magical materials, this bureau is mostly concerned with the safety and indication of magical ingredients. For the most part, these two bureaus work in concordance with each other, but there has been some history of rivalry between the two agencies.

Bureau of Commerce and Mercantilism: The bureau is chiefly concerned with the value and commerce of Leeuwendaalders within the Magimundi.  This bureau is not only responsible for minting the gold coins that serve as the monetary representation of wealth within the Magimundi; but also control stocks and bonds of magical artifacts and other forms of wealth. There has been some degree of controversy with this bureau, as it has been accused of sometimes serving the interests of the pure-blooded Eligeri, rather than the interests of the people of the Magimundi.

Bureau of Environmental Affairs: Responsible for developing policies on environmental protection, nature conservation, and enforcing environmental edicts.

Bureau of Magical Agriculture: Specializing in leadership on issues of natural resources, nutrition, and rural development.

Bureau of Magical Fauna: This bureau was created in the late 17th century as a scientific body to explore, examine, and quantify the arcane animals of the New World. They are chiefly involved in the taxonomic classification of living things in the Magimundi, but are also responsible for the conservation and protection of arcane creatures. Occasionally, they do function as something of a game and wildlife commission for magical creatures that are considered too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. Many of these dangerous animals are permitted to be captured for study in the Magischolae or other scientific institutions.

Bureau of Magical Flora: Like the Bureau of Magical Fauna, this department was created as a scientific body tasked with the examination and taxonomy of magical plants and flowers. The taxonomical department of this bureau is also tasked with ensuring that certain magical plants are not mislabeled; since many of the flora of the Magimundi possess animal-like characters such as teeth, eyes, and even feet. As with the Bureau of Magical Fauna, they also perform conservation duties to ensure the preservation of these plants for future generations.

Bureau of Conduct and Consequences: This bureau is the law enforcement arm of the Magimundi. Operating out of Avernus Prison in the Mishipeshu province, the bureau of Marshalry and Law Enforcement employs a garrison of marshals specifically empowered to investigate crime and offenses in the Magimundi. Many justices are also in employ of the bureau, and are tasked with the determination of which offenses even qualify as a crime within the purview of the Magimundi.

Bureau of Metallurgy, Alchemy, and Crystallography: The governing body of magical materials and craftwork within the Magimundi. This bureau oversees the commerce and trade of magical materials and their use in magic. While the bureau is chiefly focused on conservation, they also have departments to ensure the ethical use of magical materials in spells and rituals. It is rumored that the department houses the world’s largest collection of forbidden spells and formulae, though many believe that to be merely a rumor.

Bureau of Temporal Continuity: The governing body that monitors and maintains the flow of temporal cause and effect. With so many wizards and mages who are able to alter/control the flow of time itself, an entire bureau has been convened to ensure the elimination of paradox and inconsistency. This bureau was created shortly after the defeat of the ArchWizard Thanatos Akeldama, in which the Magnolia Sun School of Magic was temporarily placed in a liminal zone out of time in order to protect it from attack. The headquarters of the bureau is placed in a similar zone where it is able to safely monitor the temporal flow.

Magimundi Bureau of Trade and Innovation: This bureau is responsible for the regulation of trade and patents within the Magimundi. Unlike the Bureau of Commerce and Mercantilism, this agency does not control the value of goods and services, but is rather focused on the commerce of magical artifacts and artificery. A large part of this bureau involves the safety testing of magical devices, ingestibles, or wearables, before they can be released to the market of the Magimundi.

Bureau of Vampires, Lycans, and Revenants: This bureau is designed to handle the affairs of magical creatures which are considered to be on the edge of human existence. This bureau is the subject of considerable controversy, since it seems to monitor the existence of some sentient creatures as less than “human”. It was only recently that loup-garou have been removed from the purview of this bureau, and even that decision was met with much conflict. Despite the controversy surrounding this bureau, they are still very much involved in criminal investigations concerning these creatures.

Bureau of Magical Training & Tutelage: The governing body of magical training in the Magimundi. All magical institutions of learning, from the Primascholae to the Magischolae must be certified with the Bureau of Wizard Training & Tutelage. The Bureau is also responsible for educational assessment and performs frequent audits of the various schools. Every province within the Magimundi has its own office of Magical Training that reports to the Magimundi Bureau of Wizard Training and Tutelage.

Magimundi Department of Secrecy and Clandestine Affairs: It’s no secret, much of the Magimundi is forced to work in secrecy from the mundane world. This bureau of the Magimundi is responsible for maintaining that secrecy. While many of the affairs of the Magimundi may be obfuscated by the natural mundane disbelief in wizardry and sorcery, this bureau occasionally steps in to address magical events that strain the human suspension of disbelief. While there is a widely held belief that this department also maintains clandestine operations from the Magimundi; such speculation is often dismissed as the ramblings of conspiracy theorists.