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In this experience, most players will portray prison inmates of Avernus. The vast majority of prisoner characters will be from poor or disgraced families, with a smattering of truly vicious criminals and political prisoners. The typical Avernus inmate is someone who may have done something untoward, but more importantly they simply found themselves on the wrong side of a Marshal. Aside from prisoner characters, there will be lawyers, prison staff, guards, shareholders, or political officials. You’ll have a place in the social hierarchy, and will either be useful to, or seeking to use, fellow inmates to advance or shore up your position.

No one cares what family you are from—if they couldn’t keep you out of Avernus, they can’t help you now that you’re in. No one cares how rich you are or what your magical talents were. You are a prisoner, with a specific place in the social hierarchy. You’re not in just any prison, you’re in Avernus, where the Magimundi puts its most dangerous, most volatile, or most unlucky mages and wizards who have found themselves on the wrong side of the Council edicts. If you’re here, magical society has decided you did something unforgivable, and you couldn’t afford a well-connected attorney to grease the Justices for you—or no halfway-decent lawyer would take your case.

Life in Avernus is not pretty, safe, or even tolerable. You’re underground. You’re forced to perform grueling labor to line the pockets of Hudson & Foresight shareholders. And the smell. There are constant toxic fumes that reek of sulphur and death. The chupacabra guards are creepy, and you’ve seen what happens if you disobey and earn yourself a chupe bite. It’s not pretty, and each time you grow weaker, physically and mentally. Sometimes fellow prisoners just disappear. No one talks about it for fear that whatever is taking inmates will turn its attention to you next.

Tickets are $395.

When: September 14-16, 2018

Where: Bonnieville, KY.

Who: Anyone 18 and above

Potential themes and content

Police violence, dominance displays, anger, aggression, dishonesty, betrayal, retaliation, implied or explicit prejudice based on class or status, loss of power, restricted movement,  shouting, power imbalance, corrupt judicial system, discrimination, favoritism, threatened violence, verbal abuse, simulated mutilation, simulated death, simulated attacks by animals, restricted access to food (opt-in), close quarters, small spaces, shared sleeping spaces, lack of privacy, aggressive outbursts.