Take a weekend away from your mundane life to play out the drama of being inmates in the maximum-security prison of the North American magical universe. You’ve been arrested and convicted, forgotten by society, and now you’re trying to survive in the harsh atmosphere and even harsher prison politics. You may harbor hope of getting out one day, or you may simply be trying to make the best of your situation with the resources you have at your disposal.

It’s the place you weren’t supposed to be. You’ve heard tales of terror about what goes on inside Avernus since you were a child. And now you’re an inmate in the Magimundi’s infamous underground maximum-security prison. Life is hard here, and you have to watch your back. Folks still whisper about the riots that allegedly tore through Avernus last year. Who survived, who is still in solitary, who came closest to escaping? Inmates interred in the past few months bring word that the Council of Five has begun to question how secure the prison really is. Could someone be using the riots to oust Hudson Unlimited, the private for-profit company that operates Avernus? Is that why there’s a new astromancer on staff asking questions about inmate well-being? There’s a new game in town, and you have to figure out how to play it.