Colors: Copper and Green (verdigris)
Element: Earth
Mascot: Basilisk
Symbols: Crossed wands or swords, scrolls of law
Attributes: Strong-willed, proud, rational, confident, persuasive, dual-natured, interested in the esoteric and occult
Motto: “Impero et terra versat” (I command; the earth turns.)
Founder: Vitruvius Henry Peter Steinkraft


Colors: Silver and sky blue
Element: Air
Mascot: Sphinx
Symbols: Writing quills, scrolls, runes, stone tablets, paintbrushes, needles and thread, opulent fabrics
Attributes: Creative, accepting, fair, expressive, lateral thinkers, enigmatic, bold, uninterested in the common and banal
Motto: “Voces Omnes Potestatem Habent” (All voices have power.)
Founder: Maestro-Wizard Firenzum Edward Smith Radcliffe Zephyrous


Colors: Gold and Black
Element: Fire
Mascot: Dragon
Symbols: Chalice with liquid, various plants, sickles, rose, hermetic seals, compass & square, trowel, pruning knife
Attributes: Skeptical, empirical, pragmatic (utilitarian), high standards (perfectionistic); work hard and play hard
Motto: “Semper Crescens” (Always growing.)
Founder: Isaac de Lucena


Colors: Teal and Cream
Element: Water
Mascot: Dolphin
Symbols: Stars, crossed telescopes, crystal balls, numerals
Attributes: Curious, intelligent, ambitious, seeking to lead others, fond of abstract thinking, intuitive, reckless, bold, playful, extremist, quick-witted, courageous, strong
Motto: “Primum Extremumque” (First and Farthest.)
Founder: Thomas Woodhouse