The Imperial Magischola Convocation Beckons

Every year, before the start of the first term,  Imperial Magischola holds the Convocation: a special weekend where the elite of the elite at Imperial gather to learn, plan, and prepare. Some are there because of their leadership positions in the faculty and student body, as TAs or Court Leaders. Some are there to do the bidding of those in charge; sometimes by choice, more often as punishment. Some are there because of their family name and importance. The ancient magics are strong during this time, and bold, strong decisions are made using arcane powers that will last the entire year. 

The rest of Imperial Magischola whispers in secret about the Convocation due to the powerful ritual that keeps the details of what happens at the Convocation from being spoken to others. Students return from the Convocation changed in demeanor, or rarely, in physical form. Convocation participants uncover Imperial Secrets that date back centuries, enact secret rites, renew pacts, air grievances, and make decisions with grave impact. Choices made at the Convocation determine the fate of Imperial, and Imperial determines the fate of the Magimundi.

Dark times are looming over the Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay. 

The appointment of Mundane-born Wizard Montana Styles as Arch Justice of Destiny Province has been perceived as a threat by the Unsoiled families of the Magimundi. Unsoiled mages and wizards are furious about the way the world is changing, symbolized so neatly by Arch Justice Styles. Unsoiled elites have been meeting in secret, pooling resources and making plans. They see Imperial Magischola as their school, the school of the Unsoiled, and a last defense against the continued encroachment on and whittling away of their power. Imperial must stand at all costs, and it must train the next generation of Unsoiled leaders and powerbrokers.

Amongst the rising tensions emerges a new specter: whispers within Unsoiled society about a conspiracy to restore legitimate power to those who deserve to hold it. “Mr. Kind” is the mysterious mage spearheading this agenda, though he has yet to reveal himself to the world. His words have infected many among the Imperial student body and faculty, where he’s found a receptive audience and access to knowledge and resources to move from words to action. 

This year, forces are at work to take control of the Imperial Convocation and impose their agenda at Imperial Magischola. Their goal: to procure the forbidden knowledge and items held at Imperial in order to return a leader to power who supports their values. What happens at the Convocation will influence the trajectory of the school, and in turn, the Magimundi.

You may be a scion of one of these powerful Unsoiled families, selected to attend the Imperial Convocation. Whatever your reasons for attending school, you are still a representative of your family, and you are their insider on site at Imperial. 

You may be a faculty member, selected for your power, knowledge, heritage, or willingness to do as you’re told. You are here to teach, but you’re also here to protect what you hold dear, whether that is your students, academic discipline, family, school, secret Order, or even magic itself. What you choose to do during the Convocation can affect your whole career.

You may be a gifted Mixed or Mundane-born mage, invited to the Convocation to keep it from looking like the naked Unsoiled power grab it might be, but also because you are useful in one way or another. You’re an outsider trying to swim in the pool with the sharks. 

The future of the Magimundi is in your hands. What will you do with the power and privilege you have been given this year at the Imperial Convocation?

Imperial Magischola: The First Year is a 4-day, 3-night wizard college adventure that interrogates power, expectations, traditions, and greed. It will run as a three-year plot arc, where characters attend the Convocation and can grow with their characters over rising darkness in Destiny Province. Your character will get caught up in corruption and temptation and secrets untold, gain access to forbidden knowledge and dark artifacts, and wrestle with who should wield them. And along the way, you’ll still participate in rituals, attend extra classes taught by Court Professors, and some of you may seek to graduate. 

At Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay, you’ll play a member of the one percent of wizarding society, or, more rarely, one of those selected to audition for admission to that society. This is the magical world’s Ivy League, where favors are granted, deals are made, and backroom handshakes lead to big results. You go to Imperial for the people you meet and the connections you make. The knowledge is secondary.

At Imperial, you need to belong. Being cast out is everything, a loss worse than death. To be at Imperial means to join a fast-moving society participating in a grand operatic scheme to maintain their own power, wealth, and relevance. If you’re born into this world, you may hate it, but you know better than to reject it entirely. If you’re trying to enter it, you know the lengths you must go to keep your tenuous grip on your place at the fringes.

Will you join in this society that rewards its own at the expense of others? Will you use the knowledge you’ve been given to help yourself and your goals, or to help others? Will you stand with your families’ expectations or reject them? Will you trust outsiders or maintain the power structures that benefit you? Or will you stand up, and risk everything, even betraying your heritage? The choice is yours.