Healers develop the most detailed understanding of how magic interacts with the human body.

Contrary to what one might expect, not all healer students feel a vocational duty to alleviate suffering. Learning the healing arts requires students to study all the interactions between the human body and the magical world, not merely magical poisons, diseases, and curses, but also the effects of potions and spells to enhance and augment the body, sometimes in controversial ways. Healing may involve a complex administration of potions, naturopathy, ritual, and use of other spells, depending on the magical malady encountered.

Healer students, perhaps more than any other major, also study mundane medicine seeing it as a valuable body of knowledge to draw from in order to enhance magical healing techniques. It’s a common trend for healer students, what with their interest in the body, to also take an interest in sometimes physically demanding sport and exercise, which is considered to be a bit “unwizardly” in the Magimundi.

TYPES: Caregiver, Med Entrepreneur, Ripper, Transfigurist, Surgeon, Potion Vendor