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When will New World Magischola be held in 2019? 

New World Magischola will be June 20-23, 2019. This event will be the traditional format, now often known as “first semester.” This means that the event takes place at the beginning of the school year, as students and faculty are just arriving to campus for the first time, or returning after their summer vacations. The event has two days of magical classes, the first-year sorting, and ends with a culmination of plots and a celebratory ball. 

New and returning players are welcome, regardless of whether it is their first time playing, or if they have played at various events in the past. 

What is included with my ticket?

Three nights double-occupancy lodging in Mt. Holyoke College dormitories; eight all-you-can-eat buffet meals (Thursday dinner, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast Sunday); a staff of 24 event organizers and writers; a robe and tie to borrow for the event; a custom-written character and character coach; set design and production; costume design and production; lighting and sound design and production; custom designed workshops for before and after the event; site rental and insurance; props and consumable ingredients used in your three days of wizard school.

When will tickets be available?

Tickets will be available in two groups this year. Benefactor Tickets are $695 each and go on sale Sunday, January 13th, at 8pm EST. In the tradition of Knudepunkt ticket sales, we are offering these higher-priced tickets to offset the Reduced Ticket Price and help increase the financial accessibility of this NWM event. We encourage attendees who are able and willing to purchase a Benefactor Ticket. Benefactor Tickets are paid-in-full at the time of purchase (no payment plan options) and do not offer any privileges aside from the earlier on-sale date and the satisfaction of helping others to attend at a lower cost.

The Reduced Price Ticket is $650 and goes on sale Wednesday, January 16th, at 8pm EST. The Reduced Price Ticket is purchased as a $200 Deposit in our online store, and then the balance of the ticket price will be invoiced to the purchaser. At the time of purchasing the deposit ticket, the purchaser can choose whether they would like to use a payment plan or or not. Payment plans incur a 5 percent fee. Please see the details about payment plans below.

The Scholarship Ticket is $350 and there are 4 available, thanks to the generosity of fellow players who funded the scholarship this year. If you are interested in the scholarship ticket, please email with SCHOLARSHIP TICKET in the subject line. Please simply indicate that you are interested in the scholarship ticket and whether or not you are okay with being identified as a scholarship recipient. We are not asking anyone to describe their needs or circumstances. Emails are due by February 1st, and recipients will be notified by February 8th.

In order for New World Magischola to be feasible at this price, we must meet a minimum of 100 participants. 

Is there a payment plan?

The Reduced Price Tickets include the choice of a payment plan which adds a 5% fee to the ticket price. Purchasers of the the Reduced Price Ticket Deposit ($200) will have the option to be invoiced immediately to pay in full ($450.00), to pay their balance due in Feb 25, 2019 ($482.50), or to make two payments, one on Feb 25th and one on April 1, 2019 (two payments of $241.25). An additional 5% late fee will be assessed if the due date is missed. All payment plans must be complete by April 1, 2019. Only tickets that are paid in full will receive characters.

What is the ticket refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable. If you cannot attend, you may locate and sell your ticket to another party. Contact us with the person’s information and assurance that your sale has been satisfactorily completed and we will work with the purchaser to get onboard. 

Cost Breakdown

Each ticket to New World Magischola is all-inclusive. There are three tiers of pricing:

  • $695 — Benefactor Tickets; on sale first, fund reduced-price tickets
  • $650 — Reduced Price tickets
  • $350 — Scholarship Tickets. There are four available.

Here is the breakdown of your ticket price:

Breakdown of your ticket price

Ticket Upgrades

Single Occupancy Room Upgrade $95. There are a limited number of rooms in MacGregor and Ham Hall that are designed for one person, and you would have the room to yourself. Many of these are located in the basement, where it tends to be cooler. The College charges us more per person for these single rooms, or to only have one person in a double room. The upgrade offsets this increased price from the College.

What is the maximum number of tickets?

There are 160 tickets available for students and professors. 

Can I apply to be a volunteer staff member? Can I NPC the event instead?

We have a limited amount of slots available, so please do not expect to use volunteering as a non-player character as an alternative to buying a ticket. We have a dedicated group of returning volunteers who have experience in making the magic of New World Magischola possible. While we do pick new volunteers to supplement their numbers each year, the number of people who wish to volunteer always exceeds the slots available.

Interested people who live near Mount Holyoke and can commute to and from the venue are especially recommended to apply to volunteer.

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