What are the dates?

There are several events throughout the year. Our event dates are:

Second Semester events feature a graduation ceremony and Third Year students get their diploma and are officially named Wizards! First semester events include a drafting ceremony for new students to be sorted into their houses during the game. New and returning players are welcome at any of the events, regardless of whether it is your first time playing, or if you have played previously. 

When will tickets be available?

Tickets are available NOW at https://shop.learnlarp.com/2018-events/. There are 150 tickets for each event and we do anticipate that they will sell out. UPDATE: the first semester event is sold out.

How much do tickets cost?

See the shop for ticket prices. Tickets are all-inclusive. 

The price for NWM9 and NWM10 includes three nights of lodging at Mount Holyoke in double-occupancy rooms, a meal-pass for 8 all-you-can-eat meals from the college dining hall, a school robe and tie to wear at the event, a school textbook to use at the event, and access to the 4-day experience, including workshops, gameplay, and the post-game debrief. Your ticket price pays for food, lodging, and the game, as well as insurance, taxes, and a 40 person staff to make this event the experience of a lifetime. After May 15, 2017, any remaining tickets are $650. 

Is there a payment plan?

There are two payment plan options, but they are both time sensitive. A 3-part payment plan over two months is available until March 31st. A 2-part payment plan over 1 month is available until April 30th. The payment plans are only available for the purchase of tickets, and no other items. Each payment plan will also add 5% on the standard purchase price.

What is the ticket refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable. Ticket holders are free to sell their ticket to another party should they be unable to attend. Notify us by email that you are turning your ticket over along with contact information for the receiving party, only when your transaction is finalized. 

You may also purchase add-ons to your base ticket. These include: 

  • Linens package: $25. The college will provide a set of twin XL sheets, a light blanket, a pillow, a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth for your use at the event. You may also bring your own.
  • Care packages: $75. A special package to be delivered to the character, including snacks, a glowspector, a pocket-sized notebook. Additional contents are customized to the character.
  • House Loyalty Packages: $25. Show your affiliation with your choice of House Shirt, and an iron-on house crest patch or enamel lapel pin.

Can I barter services or volunteer labor in exchange for not having to pay the ticket price?

We do not offer this option. If you want to be a student or professor at our larp, you will need to get a ticket through our website. We will be recruiting a limited number of qualified support staff including scenographers, make-up artists, and NPC interactors for each event. Their experience will be quite a different, as they will be expected to treat the participants as our customers.