All students regardless of year will take two field exams, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on the Saturday of the event.

These Field Exams are designed to be comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and active. They are not written, but are performed in front of faculty, administration, Province officials, and your fellow students. You are assigned to your exam slot by Path, and all three years will work together. It is expected that 3rd-year students demonstrate leadership and coordination of the other students. The exams are created by a team of faculty and administrators, and change from year to year.

When you don’t have an exam scheduled, you are encouraged to watch and support your fellow students in their exam trials, to use the time to complete your Honors Packet if you have chosen to follow the Honors Track, to study for your next exam, or to rest.

Off-game, exams are designed for collaborative and performative role-play and to minimize any stress of test-taking. We want your character to feel pressure and worry about doing well, but we don’t want to cause the player to feel undue stress. And we want the Exams to be live and fun. Sitting in a room writing out on parchment is seldom fun (though I know a few who enjoy it!).

Exam schedules for the 2018 events will be updated later.