Cryptozoologists develop the most detailed understanding of how magic interacts with the living world.

Students majoring in Cryptozoology are invested in the Magimundi’s magical creatures, but how they view that investment is a subject of intense debate, not only at the school but across the Magimundi. The discovery, study, conservation, and care of magical creatures is important to many cryptozoologists, who seek to protect them from wizard or mundane interference. Yet the magical ingredients to go in potions or artifacts that can be harvested from these creatures represents a great deal of Leeuwendaalders. A cryptozoologist student must learn the knowledge necessary to protect and foster these creatures, as well as the knowledge to hunt, capture, and exploit them effectively, pitting each student’s love for living things against the lure of the Leeuwendaalder.

TYPES: Big Game Hunter, Veterinarian, Harvester, Animal Friend, Dungeon Master, Cattle Driver