Astromancers develop the most detailed understanding of the magical interpretation of information from the past, present, and future and from across the planes of existence, while delving into the arcane secrets of the mind.

Students studying to become an Astromancer learn to locate, interpret, protect, and convey information through magical means. Astromancy has been around for millennia and is one of the oldest and most diverse fields of magic. Students studying Astromancy learn a variety of techniques to divine information and truth from the world around them, including working with crystals, elements, metals, numeric divination through geomancy and arithmancy, reading natural signs such as the stars or planets, and channeling and receiving messages from other planes of existence. Some learn to be experts in matters of the mind: placing and removing memories, mind-reading and disturbance, and similar techniques, while others are consulted before important decisions or to interpret dreams and chains of events.

Astromancers may work in altering states of consciousness, summoning spirits, and moving between planes of existence. Graduates with a specialization in Astromancy may go on to work in the legal system dealing with matters of prophecies, or use their powers to assist in matchmaking, counseling, or consulting for a wide variety of interpretations and divinations.  Modern Astromancers gifted in numerology also play an important role as magical economists, assisting Magisters and Justices with divining trends that affect future Magimundi policy.

TYPES: Court Mindreader, Numerologist, Magical Economist, Dowser, Prophet, Mindbreaker.