Artificiers develop the most detailed understanding of how magic affects the physical world.

The path of the Artificier is complicated by an internal conflict, the pragmatism of building (ArtificER, the fabricator’s term) juxtaposed by the aesthetics of design (ArtificIER, the artisan’s term). If it’s a magical object or artifact, the artificier student must know how it was made, how to destroy it, how to replicate more of it, and how to make it better. This type of magical creation is not nearly as forgiving as spell casting or potion brewing, requiring a detailed exactness in order to make functioning objects that also last.

More than any other path, there’s significant amount of Leeuwendaalders waiting to be invested in Artificiers who might create the next life-changing device in the Magimundi. The most significant interest is in artifacts and devices that can function in concert with mundane technology, or at least duplicate mundane technology’s functionality. These items and designs are at the very cutting edge, with students creating innovations that even their professors have never seen before or imagined.

TYPES: Power Stockpiler, Fabricator, Artisan, Weaponizer, Break Stuff, Merch Maker, Technophile