All of the buildings we will be using are fully wheelchair accessible. Multi-floor buildings (MacGregor Hall, Ham Hall, Ciruti Hall, the Student Center) have elevators inside and ramp access from outside, and there are wheelchair accessible bathrooms on every floor.

Every building has all-gender bathrooms.

There are parking lots with designated disabled-access spots near all of the buildings that we will be using.

There are Braille labels on all residence hall rooms, and Braille and raised-print labels on all elevators, restrooms, and classrooms.

Ciruti Hall and the Student Center are air-conditioned.

Abbey Chapel, Ham Hall, and MacGregor Hall are not air-conditioned.

MacGregor Hall and Ham Hall are right next to each other; Ciruti and the Student Center are a 5-minute walk from the dorms. Abbey Chapel is a 10-minute walk from the dorms. The campus is almost entirely flat, with wide walking paths and ramps on curbs and at entrances.

Some experiences will be conducted in low-light settings. The campus is lit with streetlights and there are emergency “blue light” call boxes at intervals throughout. We suggest you bring a lantern, headlamp, light-up wand, or other flashlight devices if you intend to be in the woods after dark.


I have a medical reason to room with someone. Can you accommodate that?

Yes. Please indicate that in the “Is there anything else we should know?” field on the survey.


I need an ADA compliant room and a place to store or charge my accessibility device. Can you accommodate that?

The dormitory is ADA­-compliant and has an elevator. Certain rooms are designated as accessibility rooms.


I have accessibility requirements for attendance, can I use my wheelchair / bring my service animal?

Yes!  Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.  Service animals are welcome, but the site does require that the animal be clearly marked as such. (Wearing the standard vests is sufficient. Costuming the service animal is welcome as long as the costume doesn’t obscure the vest.) If you have a specific accessibility need, be sure to contact the organizers and we will work with you.


How much walking is expected? Can I use a wheelchair?
While we have worked with the venue to place the dorms, classrooms, and meals as close to each other as possible, an estimated five to ten minutes of walking outdoors will be required for players to get from their dorms to meals. The paths are wheelchair accessible. If this amount of travel in the summer heat is expected to be a problem, contact us at so we can find a solution.


You cannot bring children to New World Magischola. We want your full focus on the game. (Certain exceptions for nursing mothers may be made on a case-by-case basis.)