New World Magischola is an event organized by Learn Larp, LLC and many other volunteer organizers and staff, collectively referred to as the Organizers. The Organizers of New World Magischola are committed to providing a space that feels as safe and inclusive as possible. We recognize that players come from a variety of backgrounds and that social expectations vary from community to community. With that understanding in mind, we are providing the following Code of Conduct for New World Magischola participants. This Code of Conduct is accompanied by our Guidelines for Encouraged Behaviors and Tips for Creating Safe(r) Spaces

The following rules are not meant to be exhaustive, and Learn Larp, LLC, reserves the right to determine which conduct it considers to be outside the spirit of the event and to take such disciplinary measures as it sees fit up to and including termination of participation in online forums and refusal of admittance to future events organized by Learn Larp, LLC. The Organizers reserve the right to modify these terms at any time. It is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by this Code of Conduct.

Learn Larp, LLC has a Safety Committee, which is responsible for safety matters before, during and after the events. The Safety Committee hopes that these issues will not emerge during the course of the larp. We assume the best of intentions in our participants unless presented with information that suggests otherwise. In these cases, the Safety Committee will not hesitate to take action based upon the below Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

As a private event, the Organizers can sanction or remove attendees for any reason. The Organizers have no legal obligation to disclose those reasons. However, this policy aims to provide clear and reasonable guidelines for expected behavior at the event and possible consequences if an individual transgresses against these guidelines. The consequences for breaking the Code range from verbal warnings to ejection from the event, and associated online communities, as detailed below.

All of the following constitute grounds for expulsion from the event without refund:

  • Violating any federal, state, or local laws, facility rules or event policies;
  • Failure to comply with the instructions of the Organizers or campus personnel;
  • Using anything in a threatening or destructive manner against person or property;
  • Endangering the safety of oneself or others;
  • Threatening, stealing, cheating or harassing others;
  • Drinking alcohol under the age of 21, or providing alcohol to those under age 21;
  • Failure to respect touch boundaries, larp safety words, or other safety tools;
  • Disruption of the event.

Each complaint received by the Safety Committee is evaluated based upon the evidence presented, existing information about the participants in question, and ultimately, the judgment of the members of the Safety Committee. While the Safety Committee likely will resolve most complaints internally, if the violation is serious enough, the committee may choose to pursue legal action.

The Safety Committee will keep internally confidential any identifying details of those who report an incident as well as the incident(s) in question unless the person reporting requests otherwise or in the case of legal obligations, such as a police investigation. Members of other New World Magischola committees and volunteers not on the Safety Committee will not receive these details, but will be informed about generalities involving the situation as needed. 

Anti-Harassment Policy

The harassment policy refers to the way that a participant treats another participant, and not to roleplay between characters, which must be negotiated, agreed to, and consented to by all participants for the roleplay to continue. The Organizers’ definition of harassment may not align with legal definitions of harassment. In other words, the legal expectations of tangible proof are not necessary for the Safety Committee to take action upon a complaint. New World Magischola has a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. Harassment of a participant may include, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments, displayed images, or gestures that denigrate individuals based upon gender, gender identity/expression, sexual identity, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or ethnicity, age, religion, political beliefs, philosophies, geographic origin, or socioeconomic status;
  • Physical or verbal intimidation or abuse;
  • Stalking;
  • Body policing;  
  • Nonconsensual photography or recording;
  • Sustained disruption of workshops or meals;
  • Inappropriate physical contact or proximity;
  • Nonconsensual sexual acts;
  • Inappropriate sexual attention, whether verbal or physical, or unwelcome attention after being asked to stop;
  • Inappropriate physical attention related to, but not limited to: gender, gender identity/expression, sexual identity, physical ability or restrictions, physical appearance, body size, race or ethnicity, age, religion, geographic origin, socioeconomic status, or pregnancy.

This harassment policy applies to both in-person and online activities. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. 

Reporting Harassment

If a person engages in harassing behavior, the Safety Committee will take prompt action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from NWM with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE at the event. Players, NPCs, staff, volunteers, guests, members of the media are all subject to our Anti-Harassment Policy.

Anyone can report harassment. If someone’s behavior has made you uncomfortable, or if you witness the same happening to someone else, you should immediately contact members of the Safety Committee or the Organizers by coming to HQ at the event, or by sending an email to If necessary, we will contact local law enforcement, provide escort, offer a safe place, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to make sure they feel safe for the rest of the event.

Before the event: If you, or someone you know has been harassed by someone and you are concerned for your own safety or the safety of the community should this person participate, please speak up by emailing  Members of the Safety Committee monitor this email and keep all reports strictly confidential. While first-hand reports are preferred to avoid hearsay, we recognize that some may have legitimate fears of retribution which may cause them to refrain from self-reporting. In these cases, please report concerning behavior on behalf of a friend, in as specific terms as possible while protecting the identity of the victim, as necessary.

During the event: If a violation of the Code of Conduct transpires, please come to the Organizer Room or seek out one of the school counselors. They will have detailed instructions for how to proceed. 

After the event: We prefer that action is taken during the event, but should you have concerns after the event is over that you feel Organizers should be aware of, please email and a member of the Safety Committee will follow up.

Possible Disciplinary Steps for Violations

The NWM Organizers and Safety Committee aim to treat reasonable misunderstandings between participants as occasions to educate and seek understanding, changes in behavior, and an increase of trust. A typical process involves education, warning, watching, and giving a person a chance to apologize, realize, and make a change. Notwithstanding the above principle, however, an organizer may take other disciplinary actions that they deem necessary. Disciplinary action will be decided on a case-by-case basis based on the circumstances of the offense, the result of the investigation, and the judgment of the Safety Committee based on the guidelines below. Disciplinary steps are organized into three levels based upon the severity of the violation. Each violation will be logged in a secure location only accessible by Safety Committee members.

Level 1: Monitoring the individual in question, pulling the individual aside to discuss the violation, and/or issuing verbal warnings.

  • For example:

A participant makes an off-color remark about the Holocaust that another participant finds offensive. A member of the Safety Committee pulls the individual aside to ask for greater sensitivity and awareness in future discussions. Members of the Safety Committee may choose to monitor the attendee’s behavior for the rest of the event.

  • Ways to avoid such incidents:

Avoid making comments that might offend or otherwise hurt people, especially individuals from marginalized groups, even when intended as a joke. If confronted about something you have said, take responsibility, apologize, correct, and continue. Err on the side of caution and respect.

Level 2: Restricting the individual’s activities at the larp based upon the report.

  • For example:

A participant repeatedly makes unwanted romantic advances toward another individual. The individual does not wish for the participant to be ejected, nor are they interested in discussing the situation with the other participant, but instead requests space. The Safety Committee pulls the participant reported as in violation aside and asks that they refrain from interacting with the other individual for the rest of event, except when absolutely necessary.

  • Ways to avoid such incidents:

Avoid remarking on an individual’s personal appearance in a sexualized manner, maintaining close physical proximity unless explicitly invited, or making otherwise romantic overtures without overt reciprocation, such as a statement of interest from the individual. Err on the side of caution and respect.

Level 3: Removing the individual from the event and, potentially, from future events organized by Learn Larp, LLC, or its online communities.

  • For example:

The Safety Committee is given sufficient information to believe that an individual has abused or harassed another member of the larp community. This abuse may have occurred in the past or during the event itself. The Safety Committee chooses to revoke the registration of the accused before the event or remove them from the premises during the event.

  • Ways to avoid such incidents:

Avoid behaving in ways that others might consider harassing or abusive, such as insults, physical intimidation, or unwanted sexual advances. Do not touch another player without their overt and audible consent. Do not assume your level of comfort with such behavior is the same as that of others. Err on the side of caution and respect.

Individuals who violate the Code of Conduct during the event are not eligible for a refund. Attendees who are asked to leave the event as a result of a Code of Conduct violation must do so immediately and will have no further interaction with participants before departing.

Participant Responsibilities

NWM is, first and foremost, a community of friends who support each other while enjoying this shared live action role-playing experience. Throughout the event and while participating in the NWM community, you are expected to treat your fellow community members with dignity and respect.

New World Magischola is an inclusive and welcoming environment. Participants have different communication styles, personalities, and opinions, and come from diverse gender, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. In all NWM-related places, we uphold a policy of “Safe(r) Space,” a concept that is central to anti-oppression organizations. Safe(r) spaces are comprised of individuals committed to helping shape a culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual identity, gender identity/ expression, or any other difference. We say “Safer” Space rather than “safe space” to acknowledge that no space is entirely “safe” for everyone all the time.

We believe that Safe(r) Spaces are inviting, engaging, and supportive environments in which all people feel comfortable and can express themselves genuinely. To foster a Safe(r) Space, we ask all participants to respect others and to actively look out for everyone’s well-being. We affirm that NWM organizers, volunteers, and participants will listen to each other, and act swiftly and appropriately when a concern is raised. Please see the Tips for Creating Safe(r) Spaces document for more information.

Our goal is to have a community where everyone is welcome and everyone is treated with equality and respect. In particular, we define a Safe(r) Space as one that is encouraging for people who have been made to feel uncomfortable at other events due to oppressive behavior. If you witness someone acting in a way that goes against the spirit of our community, we encourage that you take the following steps:

  • Approach the individual in a non-combative manner and calmly discuss the issue. Try not to use accusatory language. Do not have the conversation in front of others or in such a way as to potentially embarrass the individual.
  • If you do not feel comfortable approaching the individual, please approach a staff member wearing a Safety or Organizer badge (if online, please contact the page administrator or ).
  • If an incident is an obvious and grievous breach of our community goals, immediately involve a staff member.
  • If you are approached regarding your actions not living up to the spirit of our community, we ask that you follow three simple steps for considering your actions.
    1. Listen and be open minded. Consider what is being said to you without immediately becoming defensive. It is possible that what you are doing appears differently to others than to yourself.
    2. Immediately stop the activity that is against the spirit of our community. Even if you do not agree that your actions are unacceptable, if your actions are causing distress to others it takes almost no effort to discontinue what you are doing.
    3. Involve a staff member if the interaction starts causing conflict. Find a staff member if you cannot come to a reasonable, calm agreement.

In-Character Behavior

While playing a character in this magical setting, it may seem permissible to do or say things that you would not deem appropriate in everyday life. This does not erase the need to ensure that everyone feels safe while participating in New World Magischola. To this end, we require all participants to engage in pre-larp workshops that will teach the tools needed to safely and consensually negotiate boundaries around potentially sensitive content and situations. These tools aim to prevent harassment from occurring while in-character.

Failure to respect touch boundaries, larp safety words, or other safety tools is a serious offense and a violation may result in a participant being asked to leave the event. NWM participants can and should report to the Safety Committee any incident that makes them feel uncomfortable, regardless of whether safety tools were used or established boundaries were respected.


Consent is a vital element of New World Magischola, in both in-character and out-of-character spaces. Consent is two (or more) people deciding together to do the same thing, at the same time, in the same way with each other, whether that is physical, verbal, or sexual. It is the presence of a “yes,” not the absence of a “no.” Consent is continuously granted, and can be revoked at any time by any participant who is involved for any reason. Participants will engage in workshops to learn the specific mechanics and customs used to ask for and affirm or withhold consent during in-character parts of the larp.


If you need accommodations for a physical or mental disability, please list this on your sign-up survey or email We strive to make NWM as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. We are also limited in this regard by the unchangeable aspects of our site and budget. If you reach out to us we will work with you to make accommodations to the best of our ability. 


Note: This policy is in effect as of 2/28/2017 and may be amended as needed. If you have suggestions for improving the policy, please email . This policy is based on the one used at the Living Games Conference 2016 and is used with permission. Portions of this policy were adapted by permission of Dystopia Rising.