What We Do

We build a fictional world for you to play in, one with its own history and internally consistent structure, and invite you to perform in it.  Are you a rebellious youth out to take others down a notch?  Are you a innovative artificier trying to invent the newest magical breakthrough?  Are you a world-weary professor, trying to impart at least some of your important wisdom on students who frustratingly memorize your words without seeming to hear what they mean?

Our team of scenographers, costume, lighting, sound, and tech designers, storytellers, and a cast of inter-actors will bring this world to life. We’ll give you a robe and a tie and a textbook to use in the game, and help you develop your character. We will safeguard your experience and let you play in this magical playground.

Our world has been designed to contain both the whimsical and the profound, and you can opt into whichever among them that fascinates you.