Every character in New World Magischola will belong to a house. Each of the five houses has their own color, common beliefs, and animal mascot. However, the people themselves are the central core of each house. In game, these are groups of people you will get to know, spend social time with, celebrate successes, commiserate difficulties, and seek out when you need help.

House members support each other, and so even if you’re a brand new player to LARP, you will have new friends to guide you and have fun with. Regular meetings with houses provide opportunities to check in with how you and your housemates are doing. Your house may have special ceremonies or rituals that deepen your experience to more than just a game. Together in your house you will make friends, laugh, cry, talk, cast magic, or just have a place to hang out and be accepted with peers.

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Dan Obeah

Founder: Tituba
Colors: Green and silver
Symbol: Raven
Attributes: Transformation, Intelligence/Wisdom, Renewal
Motto: By Wisdom and Foresight (Consilio et Prudentia)


House Croatan

Founder: Virginia Dare
Colors: Orange and Brown
Symbol: Painted Turtle
Attributes: Honor, Courage, Preservation
Motto: To Dare is to Do (Audere est Facere)



Maison Du Bois

Founder: Étienne Brûlé
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Symbol: Grizzly Bear
Attributes: Loyalty and Strength
Motto: Always Just (Semper Aequus)



Casa Calisaylá

Founder: Calisaylá
Colors: Red and gold
Symbol: Coyote
Attributes: Respect and Equality
Motto: Honor the Past, Embrace the Future



Lakay Laveau

Founder: Marie Laveau
Colors: Deep Purple and Black/Grey
Symbol: Alligator
Attributes: Tenacity, Creativity, Cunning
Motto: With Mind and Skill (Mente et Artificio)