It’s a new year! Time for A New World of Magic!

We are excited to announce that after a bidding process through the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of
America, we have chosen rising star Cassandra Khaw to author Book 1 of our Magischola series. Khaw is known for the Gods & Monsters novella Rupert Wong, Cannibal Chef, and for a variety of non-fiction work for Ars Technica, Gamasutra, US Gamer, The Verge and many others. We were absolutely blown away by Cassandra’s work, and her enthusiasm for this project is inspirational! We believe we got incredibly lucky to find an author of this much talent who clearly shares our values and vision.

Here’s a message to you from Cassandra:

“I am absurdly excited to be a part of the Magischola timeline, which is quickly proving to be my favorite timeline. When I first found out about the project, I wasn’t very sure what I was getting into. I read the description on the Kickstarter webpage and thought to myself, “That’s an interesting take on the magical school idea.” But then I got to know Maury and Ben, along with the world of Magischola. It’s more than just a “magical school.” It’s deliciously diverse, filled with a rich cache of lore, and a very progressive sensibility.

So, when they asked me to write a novel, I started thinking about something that would match. My background in fiction is rooted in slipstream and horror, with occasional dabblings in fantasy. I’m working on another tie-in novel for the excellent Codemancer, which is an edutainment title looking to teach kids how to code, and the closest I’d come to something like this project. That said, Magischola was, and still is, an entirely new and exciting idea. I poured through the tsunami of texts they’d provided, and started picking out an outline. Two weeks later, I got something I like, and I think you’d all like.

I won’t give too much away. Maury and Ben will share more as the week progresses, but it has a protagonist with a complicated heritage, complicated relationships, a magical Fight Club, and a plot that examines and dissects traditional YA tropes.”

The book is currently a reward tier on the Kickstarter, which has just THREE DAYS remaining. For $15, backers get a digital copy of the book. For $25, they get a paperback copy of Magischola: Book 1 and for $35 they can get a paperback copy of the book plus a runic cypher that, once decoded, will lead to exclusive additional content on the Magischola website. For $50, donors can receive a limited signed first edition of the book, along with the runic cypher. These are exclusive Kickstarter editions, and will come with updates throughout the year that give previews of the fiction.

Thanks so much for your support! Please share the word about the project so we can bring this new world of magic to life!

— Maury and Ben

About Maury Brown

After working as a marketing and communications executive for a Fortune 500 company, Maury Brown moved to the education sector, where she has more than 15 years experience designing curriculum, delivering and assessing instruction, and conducting research on engagement and learning with students in elementary school through graduate school. A diverse writer of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction with degrees in literature and creative writing from the University of Virginia, she is finishing her PhD in Rhetoric & Cultural Studies, researching larps as participatory design and interactive storytelling. She has been involved in role-playing games since the early 1990s.