Today we begin releasing information about the five paths of study at New World Magischola. Students of any house can choose any path they wish to study. Your path helps determine what classes you will be scheduled for; some will be required for your path, others will be electives you may choose among. We’ll begin with Cursebreaking.

Cursebreakers develop the most detailed understanding of the way all spells,
but particularly curses, function.

Students following the Cursebreaker Major are dealing with magic itself more than any other path, both in theory and practice. They were originally founded to contend with the complicated and deadly ancient magical curses in tombs and historical sites, and their major’s name reflects this. In the modern era though, a Cursebreaker is the most knowledgeable Wizard to precisely determine by magical residual effects the details of a cast spell, making them invaluable detectives. Cursebreakers are likewise creating curses (and breaking them!) to protect property from those who would unlawfully take it from its owners. Finally, Cursebreakers are most qualified to create brand new spells and reverse engineer existing spells to improve their effects or make casting less inefficient or strenuous.

Types: Detective, Spellcrafter, Purifier, Cursebreaker Breaker, Tomb Raider, Magical Security Expert

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