Welcome to New World Magischola! Launching a magical college isn’t easy, and stress levels have been high here as we pay attention to so. many. details. There were some things we hoped to have finished and finalized by this launch that just didn’t happen. But we feel pretty good about what we are opening with, and we have a plan for adding more content as we go. We know our fans are clamoring for more, and we are working hard to deliver. Some forces in the universe just don’t seem moved by our urgency, so we have to wait while mundane institutions and laws catch up to our magical endeavor.

A few things to highlight now:

  • The New World Magischola Lexicon, compiled by librarian extraordinaire and member of the Worldcrafter’s Brigade, Craig Anderson. Couldn’t have done it without you. Volunteer support is truly magical.
  • The “Which House is Right for You?” Quiz, which helps you get an idea about the five houses of NWM. Note: where the quiz sorts you is not necessarily the house you would have to play in.

Here are some updates since launch:

  • We discovered a glitch in the “Which House Are You?” quiz, and have corrected it. Test again if you like.
  • We have added a page called Our Inspiration: College of Wizardry where we talk about why we are here and give credit to the folks who ran the event that inspired NWM.

Coming soon: 

  • A preliminary Players Guide should be available for download later this week.
  • We are working hard on preparing our Kickstarter and we will announce the planned launch date just as soon as we can. (This is where there are forces immune to our magic. Doing our best.)

Remember: A New World Awaits … and we look forward to you being a part of it.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support,

— Ben and Maury

About Benjamin A. Morrow

With an extensive background in tabletop role-playing games, Ben Morrow began larping in 1996. Along with a team of designers and gamemasters, he ran a multi-year serialized larp in Ohio and planned and hosted other multi-day larp and table-top events. An avid video gamer and game reviewer, Morrow also writes fiction, primarily in the science fiction and fantasy genres. With nearly two decades of business experience in various sectors, Morrow also has a background in theater, including experience as an actor, stage manager, and stage combat choreographer.