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The Magimundi

Welcome to the Magimundi, the hidden world of magic and the arcane in North America! Here you will find information about the world of the Magimundi: its history, creatures, notable people and groups, and more. You can also find useful information at the Magimundi Wiki.  It contains some of the same information, but in wiki form, […]

The Team

Maury Elizabeth Brown Lead Organizer · Maury Brown is the lead organizer for New World Magischola. She has been involved with roleplaying games for 25 years as a writer, player, storyteller, and organizer. Her passion is creativity and agency in design, and caring for players’ experience. Chaotic Neutral. Cat lover. Geek. Feminist.   Claire Wilshire NPC […]


Participants Characters Magic Photography Lodging Participants Who can attend New World Magischola? New World Magischola is open to all participants who are age 18 by the date of the event. There is no upper age limit and we have players of all ages. Participants will play college students, or school faculty and staff. For younger players […]


Yule is coming soon!

Three days of magical mayhem at a lakeside lodge in Mishipeshu Province A celebration of the season with your wizard pals   This winter, join the magical celebration! Students, Alumni and Faculty of New World Magischola, Imperial Magischola, as well as other luminaries of the Magimundi will be arriving at Punderson Manor to attend a festive magical […]