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New World Magischola is a new magical universe specific to North America. Magic users belong to the Magimundi and the continent is divided into five provinces that extend from Mexico to Canada. Through more than 400 years of history, intertwined with the Colonial history of the continent, our world brings together magical traditions from indigenous cultures, West African and Caribbean, French-Canadian, Spanish/Mexican, Asian, and other European traditions. There’s also an entire cadre of magical cryptids and creatures specific to North America. Students of magic in the Magimundi attend regional schools and then Magischola, a magical college where students are selected into one of five houses and follow one of six paths or majors.
You can be a part of this magical universe through cooperative storytelling at one of our live action role play events (LARPs), through our forthcoming fiction, participating in our wiki, or showing your house pride through some of our merchandise. Welcome to a new world of magic!